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Horoscope and Astrological Analysis. Thousands of years old, partially secret Knowledge, has now been made available to the general public! The book of life knows about the hidden facets of your personality! This book is the adventure of the discovery of your true self.
astrology book

Who am I?

Where did I come from?

Where do I go?

Personality, character, talent, career, love and sex life, strengths and weaknesses, dispositions, talents, abilities
The book of life knows all about you!

The 10 astrological personality analysis,
from different cultures in the world
will help you to identify
your true abilities and strengths.
So you can be successful in all areas!

Unique: 10 Analysis = 100 pages!

  1. Astrological Personality Analysis with Zodiak (30 pages)
  2. Kabbalistic Name Analysis (approx. 20 pages)
  3. Chinese Horoscope (approx. 11 pages)
  4. Native American Horoscope (approx. 8 pages)
  5. Karma Horoscope (10 pages)
  6. Vedic Horoscope (approximately 5 pages)
  7. Vocational Analysis (approx. 6 pages)
  8. Atlantis Horoscope (approx. 4 pages)
  9. Health Horoscope (approx. 6 pages)
  10. Relationship and Erotic Horoscope (approx. 7 pages)
Astrology Book

Each book of life is calculated individually
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Approximately 100 pages!
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The 10 analysis at a glance:

birth chart

Astrological Birth Analysis
What are your dominant personality traits? What makes you unique? Do you know your destiny? Your fate? How do you come across to other people? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Do you have any hidden talents? Your Horoscope concerns you personally and is therefore unique. From hundreds of individual elements which are used for interpretation we find the few dozen characters, which are crucial for you. More info here

kabbalistic name analysis Kabbalistic Name Analysis 
Surely you will be amazed by the striking interpretations. What impact has your name on your life? Why do artists and many other people with a different name have much more success? Your name analysis is divided into many different areas and identifies your lucky numbers, your destiny number, strength number and many others. The accuracy of the interpretations will surprise you! More info here.
chinese horoscope Chinese Astrology Horoscope
Age-old traditions of the Chinese Astrology will show you your true self, your inner feelings, your real investments with whatever innate abilities and talents. The Five-fold path to the sublime understanding leads into the depths of your soul, each path shows a different part of your psyche. More info here.
indian horoscope Native American Astrology Horoscope
The Indian mindset is fundamentally based on a dominant idea: the whole of human existence is moving through a cycle. Yet the date of birth determines the exact point at which the person in question enters the circle. The corresponding phase can be set to one of the twelve moons together. Ancient traditions suggest your personality through nature! More info here.
karma horoscope Karma Horoscope
If you open up the insights of the karmic horoscope, you'll see the red thread that shapes your life now and has made you the person you are today. The law of karma is an impressive connection between your past, your present and future. Will you meet your true destiny? More info here.
vedic astrology Vedic Astrology Horoscope
Unlike Western astrology which is oriented towards the sun, the Indian astrology deals with the dark, unconscious, mental, moon-like part of our existence. The constellation of the moon at the time of your birth gives information about how you experience the world, how you react to it. Based on the 27 Women of the Moon, it identifies your physical and mental characteristics and states of feeling. More info here.
work horoscope Astrological Vocational Analysis
If you decide to engage in any activity that corresponds to your character, your skills and talents, you will achieve results in terms of professional success , which you have previously just dreamed of. The Career horoscope puts you in a position to meet your real destiny. In this way you will not only pursue a particular profession, but correspond to your actual destination. More info here.
atlantis horoscope Atlantis Horoscope
The long lost traditions of the Atlantean horoscopes is surrounded by many legends and myths and has its roots in the island associated with many legends of Atlantis. One of the basic principles of this chart is based on the recognition that the individual character of each man finds his counterpart in nature. In this chart next to your date of birth, the color of your eyes and your hair play a crucial role. More info here.
health horoscope Health Horoscope
This chart illuminates the connections between your date of birth and your physical constitution. By learning about your physical strengths and weaknesses, you know what can be expected in areas with certain vulnerabilities, you can improve your well being and prevent disease. More info here.
relationship horoscope Flirt and Erotic Horoscope
This chart will open up new and unexpected insights into your love life and your sexual capacities and inclinations. It shows which sexual preferences and inner strength slumber in you and what sensory feelings and emotions influence and essentially determine your sex life. You will also learn which partner is best suited to you. More info here.

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Customer Opinions

"I was extremely surprised at how many true, accurate and precise statements about my qualities ... it was worth it and brought me much joy ..." (Margrid)

"The quality of the analysis is really unique ... my mother is interested in astrology for years and has received in her own words never such an extensive and accurate personality analysis. I am also excited and surprised because I never had thought much about Horoscopes in the past . Hereby I would like to thank you for this great analysis, and especially the low price. " (Silvia)

"I got the exact location from the hospital and got the time of my mother - and I am speechless ... and that means something for me ... :-)" (Mark)

"My family and I are totally thrilled about the scope and depth of each analysis. Wow. And the price-performance ratio for the personalized e-book is simply sensational." (Jürgen)

"Your analysis is really unique! My favorite is the Chinese Horoscope ... thanks for the analysis ..." (Helga)

"I hereby send you four more orders for my husband and my three children as this is a great way to know them better ... if I would have awarded marks for the analysis, they were all " very good "and "good "... (Inge)

"I hereby would like to thank you for your work. The analysis was insightful and will certainly continue to be a wise counselor. I am also grateful for the quality of the entire execution. I was pleasantly surprised ..." (Thomas)

"... I have with joy received the analysis of my personality. Therefore, I would also like to express my grateful thanks and tell you that I am very impressed with the content. I can highly recommend this analysis ..."(Sabine)

"At a fair I had the opportunity to form a picture of the quality of your Indian and Atlantic horoscopes. The accuracy of the analysis and the correspondence with Indian and Atlantic knowledge is unique!" (White Wild Eagle - medicine man of the Iroquois)

"I myself am an astrologer and I have read various computer horoscopes, but none had the quality like yours ... it not just shows me my weaknesses and strengths ... for that price, I can only view it as a gift." (Heidemarie) 

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We know of many customers who recognize that "The book of life" has enabled them to find hidden skills and talents. The analysis are therefore more than just dealing with a very interesting topic.

It is the most exciting adventure of your life. You discover a new world: your talents and your skills! Get answers to questions such as
"Where do I come from?", "Why am I here?"
and "Where is my path?


The book of life knows about the hidden aspects of your personality.
The book of life is the adventure of the discovery of your true self!

ORDER NOW AT 50% OFF only US$29.95

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